We Are Wildside

Our Mission: To create a true home advantage for our Northwestern athletes through promotion, student involvement, and energetic atmospheres.

Our Goals: Be loud. Be supportive. Be Wild.

If you have ever received pizza from Fitz at a football game, put your hands up in the air, jingled your keys, distracted free throw shooters, or sang Go U Northwestern with the team following a win, you are the Wildside.

Northwestern Wildside is the Official Student Section of Northwestern Athletics, responsible for promoting student attendance at Northwestern athletic events in order to create a top-notch atmosphere in which our teams can play. The video on the right features some of our former executive board members discussing Wildside in depth.

Wildside began in 2010 by a small group of students passionate about Northwestern Athletics and a desire to spread that passion to their fellow students. In 2013, Wildside rebranded to solidify themselves as a cornerstone of the NU fan experience. A new logo was adopted with the design help of the student group Promotional Student Designs. If you have design needs, you can reach out to PSD using this email address.

As a student section, we seek to gain a reputition as passionate fans across the nation, making opponents make statements like former Purdue coach Gene Keady, who famously said, "You know who the best hecklers in the Big Ten are? Northwestern!"